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~ Friday, November 28, 2003
I think it's going to be time to 're-vamp' this site soon; and very soon!!! But for now, I'm going to answer a few memes questions. (Hey, please don't feel bad that I didn't answer sooner; I never even answered my own meme this week.)

First, Lulu's Lines;
My eyes were.......seeing little flashing lights yesterday after having my picture taken so many times. Of course it's really my fault since my eyes always want to blink when the flash goes off. THAT is why I always look like my eyes are half-open when you see me in a picture. Cuz they are!! My eyes have become sensitive since I've turned 'xx.' I go to the eye doctor regularly so I'm not worried about anything being wrong with them; it's just very annoying. Another thing that I've noticed since I've turned 'xx' is I'm much more sensitive to certain scents. WHY oh WHY do women think that the more perfume they put on, the better they smell???? I cannot take it anymore. I just want to grab them and say, "Hey, tone down on the perfume lady. And just a word of advice; DON'T spray perfume on you until you can smell it good! If you can smell your own perfume, WE can smell it even better (or worse!) Ok, this has taken a turn I hadn't expected. How about you???

Now on to a bit of Random Questions;
Monday, November 24: Today's questions is compliments of the Bug. How many AOL tin boxes have you received and what do you do with them? If you keep them, do you tend to keep many types of containers? If you don't keep them, do you tend to throw away containers that could be used for something?
I receive them quite regularly in my mailbox. I throw them away!! I tend to NOT save anything that I don't have room for and that is not useful to me. I have learned to keep only those things that I really like and/or have a use because I live in a small place. When you're limited on space, you learn to use it very efficiently.

Tuesday, November 25: Do you belong to any groups? If so, what kinds? Are you typically a "joiner?"
I used to belong to a faith sharing group but when Sr. Teresita left it changed. It got to be more of a job for me to go to the meetings than what I thought it was worth. It also turned into somewhat of a '_itch session' about what the women thought was wrong with our church/priest. I don't need that crap. I quit. On the internet, I've joined the Puffin Friendship Wall. It's a lot of fun. Oh and in the past day we've got three new members!! Yippee! (And I think there's two more coming! Soon!) I don't know if I'm a typical 'joiner' but if it's something that looks interesting, I will certainly check it out.

Wednesday, November 26: What are you doing tomorrow?
Ok, 'tomorrow' here refers to 'yesterday' now for me. I went to my parents' house and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with some of my family. It was a good time!
~ Sunday, November 23, 2003
A tad bit late, but here nonetheless.............Lulu's Lines.........
I am thankful for.....oh so many things. I am thankful that I have my health so I can get up every morning and go to work ~ my family (all of them!) who are there when I need them and some have become my best friends as well ~ my daughter who is turning out to be a very nice, responsible, and intelligent young lady ~ my friends ~ the fact that I have been blessed with use of all my senses; I could go on and on.

I have gained........so much knowledge in the past decade or so. I have gained my individuality; my sense of 'self.' I'm grateful for that. (I've also gained about 20 pounds in the past few years but we won't talk about that!)

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